Thursday, July 1, 2010

california. drive in. father's day.

well, we left alabama earlier then planned and have been in california since last week! yay! i have so much to blog of our trip already but before then i need to catch up on our exciting life in alabama before we left ;)

the night before father's day we spend with our good friends. they will be moving to texas while we are in california and so we had to have one last hoo-rah with them. i actually met up with them at a local spot and took their family pictures, which you can see on my photography blog. then we went to dinner at sweet peppers before heading over to our local drive in theater.

our local drive in is awesome. $5 per adult. kids under 6 are free. double feature. i'm telling you, pure awesomeness. and i'm sure you can guess what movie we went to see, since we brought all the kiddos... if you guess toy story 3, you are right! it was SUCH a good movie! i cried at the end, it was wonderful.

of course, the only part of the movie that the boys remembered was during the credits. when the toys were hiding inside mr. potato head & he shook them out and said "stay out of my butt." you know how 3 year old boys are. funniest part of the whole movie, i tell ya! of course, i think part of it is that we don't usually say "butt" (we use "booty" or "bottom") so i'm sure half of it was sean was having fun saying "butt." this is sean & evan saying that line and laughing (which they probably did for about 20 minutes haha)

such cute friends!

i will miss johanna!!

our father's day was pretty low-key. we stayed out at the house. bless dathan's heart, he spent the majority of father's day detailing my car, working on hooking up the trailer, and washing my car. but it was all a secret because we wanted to surprise my family by showing up in california a week early (more on that bombed idea later... the surprise, not showing up early).

he did stop to open presents! nothing super special, some t-shirts, shorts, dress shirts, & a pair of super hero boxer shorts that sean picked out ;)

dathan and all the kiddos- our boys & our 2 nieces! so cute.

dathan & his dad picked a lunch of fried catfish & fried chicken, mac n cheese, & green beans (true southern fashion). i surprised dathan and made one of his favorite desserts- southern banana pudding! i heard rumors it was delicious, but i don't like bananas so i don't know! haha

and we did let dathan take a small little nap too ;)

we worked our booties off until 2:30am when we left to drive to california......

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