Tuesday, May 4, 2010

10 (photos) on tuesday

1.) this is my brother brian, with sean when he was about 16 months old (looks like nolan, doesn't it?? lol)! anyways... brian is on his last leg of his time serving in afghanistan! in roughly two weeks he will be back in the states & home to his beautiful wife in oklahoma! we are so excited & proud (and can't wait to see him & candace in july!)

2.) this is one of my favorite pics from my first "real" photo shoot. i considered it a "real" photo shoot because A) they weren't my family B) they asked me ahead of time ('scheduled' me) to take their pics C) i was paid. ok i wasn't really paid, but i was reimbursed for the money it cost to develop the film. yep, develop the film... makes me sound old! this was almost exactly 3 years ago!

3.) before i was a professional photographer i was a wanna be professional photographer and i would do things like stick my 4 month old baby (this is sean) in a bucket and take pictures of him. now i am a professional photographer and i take much more creative baby pics like the newest ones i posted on my photo blog.

4.) this is a dog (duh). we don't care for dogs in our family (gasp!) but dathan's parents have two so we deal ;) this is big boy. he's annoying and follows us around and sniffs my leg and licks my hand (gross!). but, he lets me take his picture, the other dog doesn't. and he's pretty photogenic.

5.) this car was probably one of the best investments ever. nolan can play for hours (ok not really hours, he's only 14 months old!) a really long time with this. he climbs in and out over & over... then he climbs on top of it and makes me run over there to make sure he doesn't topple out since there are no breaks on the wheels. then he asks to be pushed in it. good thing he's so cute.

6.) one of the many reasons i share with God as to why i would really love a daughter eventually. why do boys love to pick their noses? good thing he's so cute!

7.) one night last week nolan woke up and vomited all night long. it was the saddest thing you've ever seen. then, when he had nothing left to vomit, he dry heaved about 5 times. and filled up about 5 diapers from the other end in the mean time (you wanted to know that, right?). dathan & i took shifts staying up with him all night. when he woke up the next morning, he was fine. it was as if nothing ever happened. good thing he's so cute.

8.) sean cracked himself up while wearing his papa's rain boots. he couldn't bend his knees so he had a hard time walking and then his feet are so small the boot would spin around him & he would fall over. then he would get frustrated and cry. then he would try again. good thing he's so cute.

9.) the other day i told sean "i'm happier than a bird with a french fry!" he told me "well i'm happier than a chicken with a bear!" absolutely sean, i bet you are! good thing he's so cute!

10.) how can you not love these eyes & that smile (even though you can totally sense some mischief under there!)??? good thing he's so cute :) :)


kimberlysayre said...

Peyton picks her nose, and says, "see that? a booger!". I'm sure if you have a little girl she'll keep her finger out of her nose though. Peyton still loves her Step2 push buggy. Everyday I hear, "walk in car?".

Your boys are adorable!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

This post is absolute perfection!
I loved every second of it.