Monday, April 5, 2010

not me monday

this is only the 2nd time i've participated in not me! monday but after the week we had last week there was no way i could pass this up!

we did not wake up last monday to find the sewage backed up into the basement and both toilets in the house not working. since we live in the country, i most certainly did not have to drive 5 miles to the nearest gas station to use the restroom at 6:30am. ahem. nope, that wasn't me!

we did not have to stay in a hotel for three days until the plumbing was fixed. and because we didn't stay in a hotel, we definitely didn't go swimming in their indoor pool. and since we didn't go swimming, my oldest son surely didn't slip & fall head first into the hot tub. i did not realize how swiftly on my feet i could move so that i could pull him out (in all seriousness, he was fine).

we did not meet up with some friends and stay until after midnight, then an hour drive back to the hotel (that we weren't staying at). we are much more responsible than that.

while running errands with sean & nolan, i did not have to use the restroom while at target (are we seeing a pattern here?). there was no dilemma in figuring out what to do with nolan while i used the potty (and i am much more of an adult then to use the word potty in 'grown up' talk). i did not have to hold nolan while i unbuttoned & pulled down my jeans and attempted to go pee. i did not eventually let him stand on the floor holding onto my knees in hopes that he would not get the urge to take off crawling. my perfect child did not immediately drop down onto the nasty bathroom floor and attempt to crawl. i, in turn, did not stick my foot under his belly and hold him up, suspended in the air, until i could pick him up. nope, not me! going potty is an easy task when you have kids!

we did not think that check out was at noon at the hotel we weren't staying at. i certainly didn't get irritated when every day at 11:05 one of the employees would knock on our door to see if we were staying another day or not (of course the boys & i were not in our pj's still!). i did not say to dathan "why do they keep coming when we still have almost an hour until we have to give them an answer?!" and we surely did not feel really silly when we saw the big sign by the front desk that said: check out 11:00am.

when the plumbing was finally fixed and we were home, my toddler did not put an entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet (connected to the same sewage system that was not just backed up). i did not have to put plastic over my hand and try to get as much of the tp out of the toilet as possible. mommy jobs are much more glamorous than that!

the first morning we were home nolan did not grab a bottle of liquid candle and drink it like a baby bottle. the bottle surely didn't say "harmful or fatal if swallowed." i didn't need to have my first experience calling poison control, and since i didn't call them then they didn't tell me to get to the ER as quickly and safely as possible. my sweet baby was not coughing terribly, crying, & sweating. we live a good 30 minutes from town but there's no way i made it to the hospital in about 20 minutes. they did not have to x-ray nolan's lungs and monitor him for several hours. when the ER dr sent us home she did not say "bring him back if he has trouble breathing or his lips turn blue. it's ok that you live 30 minutes away, it won't be a life or death situation." what?! if his lips TURN BLUE? i was not so uncomfortable with this decision that i called our pediatrician and spoke w/ him. my pediatrician didn't tell me that the other hospital in our area had nicer doctors in their ER and that he recommended me going there if there was another emergency ;)

after not having the most stressful week ever (because, you know, life is always a bowl full of cherries), i did not wake up saturday morning to find out after almost a year of submitting photos on i heart faces that my entry from last week was not one of angie & amy's (the founders) picks of favorites (and there certainly weren't over 1200 entries for them to choose from). i did not squeal with delight then call dathan and my mom to tell them! there was no way something like that would make up for my horrid week. nope, not me!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a week! I'm so glad Nolan is ok...Sean too! Oh and yesterday, I saw Nolan's shirt in the family picture under the pier. :)

Mandi said...

Wow! What a week! I did laugh at your pediatrician's recommendation. :)