Thursday, April 29, 2010

free spirit

if you couldn't tell from just about every post i do about sean, he is a free spirit.
he loves life, is creative & funny, and is so happy to be him.

funny story #52,926: we had just gotten up & i was getting off of the floor from changing nolan's diaper. my pj pants were... ahem... a little lower then they should be and before i had a chance to pull them up sean said "mommy! your booty is cracking out of your pants!" hahahaha

some days he wants to choose his own outfit and dress himself. this was one of those days.

his hair style is his choice... he always says "i love my long hair." he's going to have to get a trim soon... his mommy isn't a big fan of really long hair on little boys ;) but i do love the length his hair is now! it's so him!

oh, and those plaid shorts? they are size 18 months. they came in an outfit that i bought for nolan. the t-shirt fits nolan fine (it's a little big) but the shorts are about as big as he is. surely the wrong tag was put on these shorts because they fit my 3 1/2 year old. anyways...

we were blowing bubbles with the bubble machine (wonderful invention... i sure was getting tired of blowing them!) and sean was dancing & chasing them & being a super hero all at the same time... very entertaining ;)

side note: these sunglasses now have one lens missing, so when sean puts them on he says they are his super hero fire glasses and he can shoot fire out of the eye that has no lens. this child has such an imagination ;)

he was using his super hero powers to punch the bubbles until they popped

did you notice nolan in the background of the last picture?
i'm sure he is thinking "oh. my. goodness. who is this kid?"

nolan, sillyness runs in the family and sean came by it honest. you are silly too (just look at your hair in this picture), and in no time we will have plenty of stories to tell about you as well ;)

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