Sunday, January 10, 2010

new years eve = game night

we had a really great new years eve! here's how you can prepare to have an excellent new years eve THIS year (yes, i know i'm way early, but i want you to be prepared!)

1) start the evening out with letting your baby eat some meatballs. he loves them and they get everywhere, but it's ok cuz he's cute. toss him in the tub and scrub him clean, then put him to bed so you can have fun with friends!

2) invite some really awesome people over. i suggest ones like leann, haley, sarah, & james.

3) play some wii. make it a tradition that whenever people come over to your house they must do the hula hoop or booty bump game on wii fit (we call the game where you have to add the numbers up the booty bump game). you will spend quite awhile laughing at your friends. let your older son play boxing, his favorite. but not for too long, send him to his grandparents so you can have a semi child-free evening. let "the men" play bowling and celebrate with your husband after he scores a PERFECT game.

4) next, pull out the board game "things." the purpose of the game is to laugh, so make sure you have a fun group of people (see point #2). play for a long time and laugh a LOT.

5) say goodbye to sarah and haley because they want to go hang out with people their age told a friend they would go to her party. pull out the board game "compatibility" which is only for couples anyways. laugh some more.

6) because you are not sick of playing board games yet, pull out "guesstures." after hours of playing games you can't possibly be tired of laughing, so go all out. but make sure to only take pictures of the husbands acting out their clues, that way you only humiliate them ;)

7) turn your tv on to the channel that counts down to midnight and drops the ball. pay careful attention to turn this channel on at the right time, yet the ball has already dropped. spend several minutes being confused & trying to figure out why, and in that time don't realize that it has indeed become midnight. when you do realize (5 minutes later) that it's already the new year, just fake a countdown, say happy new year, and kiss your spouse ;)

i hope you all had a fabulous new years with friends or family! we pray blessings over you in 2010, this will be a wonderful year of change! and if you need some new board games, check out the ones i mentioned above (no, they didn't pay me to write about them. although if they want to cut me a check i won't turn them down! ha!)


Nancy said...

Happy New Year! Looks like you guys had a really fun night!!

hanneyjo said...

no, i think ours was funner. I was sick with a stomach virus and Andrew took care of me. WAY more fun. haha

Jenna said...

Love the pics- and GOOD NEWS I can see the collages!!!! Woop woop!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

What a fun night!

Next year I'm coming. ;-)

Sarah said...

HAHA! Go hang out with people our own age?! You're ridiculous ;) Your house was WAY more fun! haha i love you!