Monday, December 21, 2009

christmas #1

while my parents were here we had Christmas! it has been a couple years since we had spent Christmas with them, so we decided to do an early Christmas all together! my parents bought the boys cute matching Christmas jammies (which you will be seeing again in the dec 25th Christmas pictures lol)

we wrapped the presents and put them under the tree. we always use a different paper per person and wrap all of that person's presents in the same paper (woah that was a lot of 'p' words!). does anyone else do presents like that? we don't even need tags (unless it's a bag) because we know if the paper has lightning mcqueen on it, then it's sean's gift, etc.

we made the boys go in their room while we set out the presents and mini stockings (this was in the evening). sean was so excited to look at the gifts (if you couldn't tell).

nolan was mesmerized by it all

nolan on his first first Christmas. ha! he loved shaking the gifts, playing with the paper, and eating the boxes.

sean is at such a fun age this year! he got so excited about his presents and is really understanding what Christmas is all about. of course, it is the birth of Jesus. in fact, we often refer to Christmas as Jesus' birthday party :) we even make a birthday cake every year... but more on that later.

nolan also learned to clap that day. it was so cute and such perfect timing! all night long he would just clap over and over.

my brother got a "roll tide" snuggie. so funny!

opening gifts was serious business for my dad!

did i mention we got a wii? cuz we did and i am SO excited. this picture does not do our excitement any justice at all! i also bought wii fit and in a week and a half have lost about 3 pounds! woohoo!! we have had so much fun playing as a family. even sean plays... he loves doing the "hoop hoop" (aka hula hoop)

i love this picture. i love the fact that my mom is delighting in my boys, and my boys are delighting in her. this is like looking at a dream coming true- my mom and my kids enjoying Christmas together.

i have all my gifts bought and wrapped, ready for our dec 25th Christmas! of course, the gifts are in boxes in the garage because it's not worth the effort to continually tell both boys to get out of the gifts. but it will be fun because after sean goes to bed on Christmas eve we will put them all under the tree for him to wake up to. i cannot wait. are you done with your shopping and wrapping? i LOVE wrapping gifts!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! It looks like you guys had so much fun! I love the boys' pajamas. So, it took Sean 3.5 years to learn how to clap? ; )

Erica said...

hahahaha i do that all the time! fixed it :)

Nancy said...

Merry Christmas! I think your oldest looks like your hubby & your youngest looks like you! I love their PJ's, too!

Elaine said...

We wrap gifts like that too...John grew up with that tradition and I LOVE not having to coordinate bows and ribbons and worry if the gift tag falls off. It's wonderful. I make presents fancy for "other people" but for us, we LOVE going to pick out our own wrapping paper!!! It makes the tree looks so pretty too!