Tuesday, June 30, 2009

nolan's 4 month pictures

yesterday i did a mini photo shoot for nolan's 4 month pictures. i am so pleased with how a lot of them turned out. of course, i didn't even get 5 pictures taken before sean jumped in! ha! (of course when i want to take a picture of him he runs away) i actually LOVE how this one turned out! brother pictures make me happy :)

every month i take a picture of him w/ his disney bear so we can see how much he's grown compared to something. this picture cracks me up- he's attacking that bear!

and the good shot with the bear :)

i love his sweet smile in this picture!

and i would have to say that this stage is one of my favorite infant stages- playing with their feet!


The Boosalis Family said...

Cody LOVES his feet too! It is one of the cutest things! It's like his toes are his best friends, he is always holding them and playing with them. Great pictures!

Amanda @ The Mom Job said...

Your boys are adorable! I'm also a mom to 2 young boys (ages JUST turned 4 and 18 months).

I found you through MckMama's 4th of July post - Happy 4th!

Amanda @ The Mom Job said...

Of course I know where Foley is! I actually went through MckMama's post and searched for "alabama" just to say hi to a few blogger's closer to home.

Hope you had a happy 4th!