Friday, May 1, 2009

fingerprint friday

this is my third week participating in pamperingbeki's fingerprint friday and i am enjoying it so much!
there is a song by steven curtis chapman that says:
i can see the fingerprints of God when i look at you
i can see the fingerprints of God and i know it's true
you're a masterpiece that all creation
quietly applauds
and you're covered with the fingerprints of God

where do you see God's fingerprints? it could be anywhere! blog about it then let me and beki know, as well as check out other people's fingerprints!

i have been having a rough couple days. nolan has not been feeling good, he has his first cold, and the sweet little guy has cried the majority of the last few days. on top of that, sean must not like the extra attention that nolan has been getting and has been trying and testing both dathan and myself (in those wonderful ways that only a two year old can do). among other things, the cherry on the sundae is that dathan will be gone for work on mother's day... my first mother's day with two kids. i am so thankful for the work that he has and would by no means want him to turn it down for mother's day (cuz in all actuality it IS just another day, right... right?). still bums me out though. all that to say i almost didn't do fingerprint friday today, cuz i was just tired, no... exhausted. but then i started thinking about how good God is. that yes i may be tired and bummed, but i am SO BLESSED. my husband won't be here because he has to work... there are so many people with no work right now. and i have 2 boys who are growing and healthy and strong, regardless of how they may act or feel from time to time. so, if you just look at this face
or this one

how can you not see the fingerprints of God??


littlebird said...

maybe you could have a special mother's day evening with your husband, even if it just take away food (no washing up) and a movie?
i'll bet he has something special prepared even if he cannot be there.

Till next FpF have a good week : )

Brenda said...

I hope your littlest is feeling better soon. Those first couple of colds always seem the worst when they can't breath through their nose. You are truely blessed with a beautiful family! I'm glad you got the strenth to post today!

Rosebud Collection said...

What little darlings they are..but I do know how you feel..It just gets overwhelming sometimes..and I do think we can cut ourselves some slack..we are human..You are a Fingerprint too..Happy Fingerprint Friday..

artsyclay said...

Aw, hope he feels better soon, and glad you could find blessings in the difficult day. They are such beautiful boys!

Anonymous said...

BOTH those pictures make me happy :) i love you erica!

Anonymous said...

Your post was beautiful. Thank you for posting even though you are have a rough week. God bless you this Mother's Day as a mother of two little ones. Your pictures are wonderful.

GingerLouise Clothing said...

One mothers Day I was all alone with my 5 year old--divorced and noone in my family was speaking to me--I was heart broken and dreading the day--we ended up in Church and all the kids got up on the alter and brought their mother a rose--it turned out to be a special day--one I will always remember not the day I would have planned but special in its own way. Happy Mothers Day--you are blessed.

PamperingBeki said...

Good for you for having a change of heart!

That's hard to do sometimes.
I hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day, filled with blessings.

Mauri said...

this is such a neat post! God's fingerprints truly are everywhere!